If you haven’t heard, after 7 wonderful years at 64 Oxford Street in Kensignton Market, Spiritwind Centre will be moving into the Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Integrative Medicine Centre at 283 Spadina Ave, 3rd floor as of January 2017. The new location will feature elevator access, full time receptionist, large and comfortable waiting area and improved clinical and classroom facilities. Online booking for some practitioners is already available here: http://www.studytcm.ca/integrative-medicine-centre.

Please check with your teacher or practitioner about changes in classes or clinic schedules and remember that we always appreciate referrals and recommendations.

We wish you the happiest holidays and look forward to seeing you in 2017.

Spiritwind Centre is dedicated to the study, practice, and teaching of healing, martial, and meditation arts.
We have some of Toronto’s most exceptional instructors  and practitioners offering a range of classes including yoga, taijiquan (tai chi), qigong (chi kung), baguazhang and gongfu (kung fu).  Our trusted healthcare professionals offer a range of therapies such as acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, chiropractic, registered massage therapy and psychotherapy.

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